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do you want president, cool or confident. >> george w. bush, he was cooler whoever that dummy was that ran against him. gore. >> and then kerry. >> it was like eight years ago or something. >> i want to bring up social consciousness. it was being part of social groupings that are considered thoughtful. >> i don't think it necessarily means that. you see a cool dude and little girl and you buy her an ice cream. >> that is hunger. >> and it was basically saying -- >> if this is transmitted to companies as well because they are doing this corporate consciousness responsibility. >> gregg: this is an important story. from cool to pool, florida lifeguard, was fired for leaving his assigned area but he could get his whistle back. on monday, tomas lopez ran 1500 feet south of his zone after he was told a man was swim at your own risk. dolphin like dude helped rescue the guy but he was met with a pink slip. he has a policy toted to rescue someone outside their jurisdiction. in response to public outcry they offered his job back. they said to take the job and shove it. >> actually he hu
w. bush in that speech. >> good political point. way to score some points with our core audience. that's important to me because i want to be here. leeann, isn't obama the perfect president for this era? it is all about him, and we are all about us. thus we identify with him. >> maybe you have a point there, greg. but it doesn't surprise me because every president is about i and me in their speeches. it doesn't matter what side of the political aisle you are on. every time you give a speech they have to talk about what they do. >> i am removing everything you do from the show. >> really? >> yes. >> me, me, me, me. they are all self-centered. >> in his mind he is the king of the world, and he runs it all, and he loves his executive decision making that he can just go and do whatever he wants. so it is all about him. >> all right. >> bill, you can't naval gaze because you don't have a naval. is a more individualistic culture a good or bad thing? >> bad, and i agree. it is not just the internet. it is facebook specifically. think about it, not only is it about you, you, you, but the
, buts a lot of that falls on george w. bush and the no child left behind. >> nice try. >> thank you. i think i succeeded. >> not so sure. >> blame bush for everything. >> that's when i do. >> you are on a roll. >> that's true though, right? >> bush started standardized test ?g. >> no, no child left behind. >> standardized testing is the disease. we can talk about that without saying bush made a regulation that made more standardized testing. that is the regular in our school. who started standardized testing? >> don't tell me what a disease is. i happen to be an expert in all manner of diseases. >> brooke, let me quote from bush's assistant secretary of education who in 2010 decided she didn't like it. she said, quote, instead of raiding standards, no child left behind actually lowered standards because many states have dumbed down their test or changed the scoring to say more kids are passing than actually r. >> okay, fine, but that is irrelevant to the story we were discussing. >> how is that irrelevant to the story? the story is that kids are saying school is too easy. i'm saying pa
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)